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ELLE Style Awards, 18 years of fashion

I’ve told you already that I cannot wait to share the story of one of the most beautiful Christmas trees decorations I had the opportunity to contribute this winter. ELLE magazine celebrated 18 years in Romania through their already traditional event ELLE Style Awards. So, when my dear friends from ELLE told me the party was going to be a double one (a Christmas party and a „coming of age“ celebration), at the Palace of Parliament, I already had in mind a disco-retro decor. And a very glamorous one, too!


I love the disco years and the inspiration they provide, so I imagined a Christmas tree made entirely out of disco balls. Disco enough, wouldn’t you say? I really think that what came out of our hands was the best Christmas tree we ever did! Actually, I’m convinced of this! And I am very glad the people at ELLE liked the idea.



Those who met me know that I usually like minimalism, but I also appreciate the retro, vintage feel that some things express. It may seem strange, but there’s a simple explanation for this: I adore simple things, I genuinely believe you can say more by expressing less, but in the same time I love tradition. I am old school when it comes to values. For these reasons, but also because I think that, back in the days, people in Romania used to be more honest and respectful. I incorporated this combination of traditions, personal thoughts and values in a single Christmas tree. Of course, giving a minimalist twist!




Once I had the idea of what I want to do, of course the challenges followed. Where were we going to find at least 200 disco balls with diameters between 10 and 60 cm in such a short time?!? Luckily, the girls at ELLE also did some research and in the end we managed to find enough disco balls. And everyone at the party said the tree looked spectacular!



I only wonder..what Christmas tree are we going to decorate together next year?


With love and passion,


Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori

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Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
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