Impossible made possible: the IQOS launch in Romania - Purple Flowers

Impossible made possible: the IQOS launch in Romania

This fabulous event was created starting from the slogan: „Impossible made possible”, and the magnificent team from Momentum, made of creative, imaginative people, had just this in mind when conceiving the event. I was extremely happy to work with them, especially because the theme they had chosen stimulated my imagination… and you already know how much I love a challenge!



Everything was spectacular, down to the smallest detail, from the entrance (a gate that allowed crossing from the real world into a fantastical world) to the hidden space behind the scene, The Trial Room. The guests entered through the no gravity room, then passed through a mirrored room, seemingly floating on water, where the ceiling looked like an ocean and the floor was a starring sky. The third room was a jungle decorated with large tropical plants. We brought there three meters high palm trees, ficus plants, ferns, turpeths, all sorts of hanging plants. In the ultraviolet light, we created a jungle resembling the one in Avatar, a science fiction jungle that we made by using sprays with ultraviolet reactive paint.



Then, the guests would enter the area reserved for the event, where on huge screens were projected gorgeous visuals. After presenting the iQOS innovation – the „Heat not burn technology” – the guests were invited behind the scene, in The Trial Room. Here we made a huge, six meter high panel, made of tropical leaves and green moss.



The organizers made sure that the guests will enjoy a complete series of experiences and that they fully understand the revolutionary concept of the new technology. For us, it was a challenge that demanded a lot of hard word, but in the end everyone was impressed and the purpose was achieved: Impossible was made possible.

With love and passion,


Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori

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Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
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