The delivery of the products is done by our employees or specialized courier to the address specified by the customer in the order form or the products can be picked up at Purple Flowers Workshop.


Because we want the flowers to reach you in the best conditions, we ensure delivery by our internal couriers in Bucharest and surrounding areas.

We cannot always guarantee the desired delivery times, because unforeseen situations may occur that are out of our control (e.g. bad weather, heavy traffic, high volume of orders, etc.), but we do our best to meet them when possible.


If the recipient is not (no longer) at the location indicated in the order, we will contact the recipient to provide an alternative delivery address so that the order arrives on the date specified by you.


Any order can be delivered in Bucharest and surrounding areas, within 2-6 hours from payment confirmation.


Delivery hours are 10:00 – 21:00 Monday to Friday and 10:00 – 19:00 Saturday and Sunday. The delivery schedule can be modified at certain times of the year.

Any order paid by 18:00 can be delivered the same day. Orders placed after 18:00 willbe delivered the next day.

Between 1-8 March, both in Bucharest and in the provinces, we cannot guarantee the delivery date regardless of when the order is placed. Although we can process a very large volume of orders, during this period, deliveries can be 1-2 days late.


The delivery of flowers in other counties of the country is done by courier companies and can be done in 1-2 working days.


Products with delivery in other counties may undergo changes so that the delivery is made in the best conditions. Flower boxes and flower arrangements in vases will be transformed into flower bouquets with the same floral and chromatic composition.

The terrariums and plant arrangements will be transformed into DIY kits, accompanied by instructions for assembly.


The delivery of the ordered products is free for any order with delivery in Bucharest and the surrounding areas for orders over 100 lei, or 19 lei for orders under 100 lei.


However, in certain cases, when the distance to the customer’s delivery address exceeds 15km, SUNTIME EVENTSRL will decide to charge the delivery according to the number of additional km. The customer will be informed before the order is processed. The order will be processed after the customer accepts and pays the delivery cost. If the customer does not agree with the delivery cost, SUNTIME EVENTS SRL reserves the right to cancel the order.



SUNTIME EVENTS SRL is not responsible for unsuccessful / missed deliveries resulting from the absence of the recipient at the time of delivery, at the address provided by the sender. Due to the perishability of the products with flowers, we are not liable for the depreciation/loss of the products as a result of an extension of the delivery time due to an incorrect delivery address provided by the customer, a delay or a redirection requested by the customer or by the recipient, a delay or a redirection arising due to the absence of the recipient from the address.


If access to the addressee is restricted (doorman, checkpoint, addressee in hospital, etc.) and the courier is not allowed access to the addressee, or if the addressee is missing from the address, the parcel can be received by a third person (doorman, receptionist, neighbour, relative, colleague, etc.) if this person signs for the parcel. Under these conditions the order will be considered delivered.


If no other person who has access to the addressee wishes to sign for receipt or the addressee is not present at the address and cannot be reached by telephone, the courier will return to the address a maximum of two more times. If the addressee is not found after 3 attempts, SUNTIME EVENTS cannot be blamed for the failed delivery and the customer will be informed of this situation and will inform us how he/she wishes to proceed. The product may be destroyed, or delivered, on request, to a new address. SUNTIME EVENTS SRL is not responsible in case of product degradation due to its transport by courier for two days. The customer may request, against payment, the arrangement to be refreshed if necessary. The amount necessary to refresh the arrangement will be communicated to the client. If we are unable to contact the customer through the communication channels previously used, the product will remain in our workshop for 2 days. After this period, the product will be destroyed and the order will be considered completed.


If the recipient refuses to receive the parcel, SUNTIME EVENTS SRL cannot be blamed for the failed delivery and the customer will be informed about this situation and will have to inform us how he/she wishes to proceed. The product can be destroyed, or can be delivered, on request, to a new address. If we are unable to contact the customer through the communication channels previously used, the product will remain in our workshop for 2 days. After this period, the product will be destroyed and the order will be considered completed.


SUNTIME EVENTS SRL assumes no obligation if delivery cannot be made in case of extreme weather conditions (code yellow / code red / code orange) or in case of limited access to the address. Shipment of the order in questionmay be postponed or redirected to a new address with delivery within 24 hours.


As there are some very busy periods during the year (Christmas, Valentine’s Day, 1-8 March, Easter, other holidays)please schedule your orders in advance around these times of the year. SC SUNTIME EVENTS SRL reserves the right to postpone the delivery date for orders placed during these periods of the year.


A successful delivery depends to a large extent on the accuracy of the data provided (name and address of the recipient, telephone number, date and time of delivery, etc.).


An order in one of the above mentioned situations cannot be considered as undelivered / non- conforming delivery / damaged goods. We undertake to provide details of the status of a delivery to our customers as soon as possible whenrequested and to do everything possible to facilitate the delivery of orders.


Any redirection of a product to a new address following one of the above situations and requested by the customer, ismade only after payment of a shipping fee of 25 lei / delivery address, regardless of the order value.


If the order is delivered, under the signature of the mentioned recipient or another person at the address, at the time agreed by both parties, then the company is exonerated from any penalties, fines or returns for any situations arising subsequently.




Orders placed on with the promise of anonymity will not be disclosed to the recipient except in exceptional cases, at the request of the Authorities or with the consent of the customer.


The recipient of the parcel may be contacted by telephone prior to delivery to validate the address and time of delivery, but will not be told what they are to receive, using the general term “parcel”, and any information regarding the identityof the customer will not be passed on to the recipient.




SUNTIME EVENTS SRL will send after delivery, in 1 to 72 hours, by email, the invoice. In certain busy periods, the transmission of the invoice may take several days.

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