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Three magnificent Christmas stories

My endless passion for flowers is stimulating my imagination and it is a challenge every single day. But, during December, I always enjoy the Christmas spirit and cannot wait to use my imagination and creativity doing all kind of fun and beautiful Christmas decorations/Christmas Trees. And we, at Purple Flowers, are really lucky. For us, Christmas starts in the middle of November, because everyone wants their Christmas decor or window ready until the first of December.




The first story starts at Stejarii Country Club. People there wanted a big, traditional, red and white Christmas tree. It was six meters high and it was a perfect fit for the warm, intimate space. The entire community comes to relax and spend time together at Stejarii, so I wanted to give, through our Christmas tree, that “Welcome home” feeling. It was that kind of tree decorated with red globes, white angels, snowmen and lights, the kind that manages to gather the entire family around it for sharing gifts. If everyone was nice. The naughty ones were forced to fix their mistakes at the superb Shiseido Spa at Stejarii Country Club.




Refreshed after our Spa visit, we started working on another Christmas decor. This time, it was a minimalist one. Our second story starts at the Novotel Hotel, on Calea Victoriei. If you haven’t seen their new lobby yet, you should definitely pay a visit. The modern space and the minimalist furniture required an adequate Christmas atmosphere. It really is impossible to get bored with this job! I was thinking about the idea of a fantastic-minimalist forest for Christmas, and the folks at Novotel loved it. So the result was a conceptual forest in magenta and white tones, with fir trees made out of wood and decorated with globes and traditional Christmas lights. It was madness!




The third story starts in a very special world. I don’t use many cosmetic products, I don’t have the time and the patience for this, but I’ve always been fascinated by… their packages. Especially when it comes to cosmetics for women! So many shapes, sizes, colors, bottles and all sorts of boxes. I find this entire industry utterly fascinating. So, when my dear friends at Sephora told me they need a „Christmas tree that shouldn’t necessarily be a Christmas tree”, I replied right then, suggesting to make a tree out of cosmetic products. They loved the idea so much that the next day they sent 10 boxes filled with all kinds of products to our studio. I have to admit I would have loved to keep them all for myself, just to look at the packaging J But it was worth it to use all of them in the 4.5 meters high Christmas tree. It was, indeed, one of the best Christmas works I’ve ever done. Of course, there was another Christmas tree that was even more interesting. But more on the disco-tree, soon!

With love and passion,



Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori

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Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
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