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What kind of bridal bouquet suits me best?

You have the location, photographer, the video session and the band all settled. You’ve already bought the rings and you are going to try on your wedding dress next week. So you find yourself searching on Google and Pinterest for a „bride bouquet” and, from the hundreds of results, you hardly manage to limit yourself at 5 types that you actually like. Not only that they are different in shape, but you are wondering: which one is the best for me and for my wedding dress? Trust me, if you’ve managed to get only five bouquets, you are lucky!



One can always say that, when it comes to the bridal bouquet, brides can be seen as types:

  •         The „I like this bouquet and I want mine to look exactly like this” one – 1%,
  •         The „I like these 3 to 5 options, which one do you, the florist, consider to be the best?” type – 10%,
  •         The „I’ve made a Pinterest moodboard of everything I like, consisting of 20 bouquets and some other arrangements unrelated to a bridal bouquet” type – 30%,
  •         The „I don’t know what I like, I like all flowers” type – the last 59%.


The first thing I’m telling to future brides, when they are asking me about their bouquet, is that they need to think about the jewels they would wear at a black tie event. It’s that simple! If you like the neutral, simple, minimal jewels, then it’s very possible that your bridal bouquet should follow the same lines. If you can’t wait for such an event to wear your statement jewelry, that are enhancing your individuality, your bridal bouquet should work in the same way. A big, bright and daring bouquet will fit your style!


Of course, there are some rules you should follow and that could guide you when choosing you bouquet, but in the end the rules could help you… or not.


First, think about its shape. Don’t forget, before choosing one, that you should know the shape of the dress you are going to wear. A shower bouquet might be trouble if you are wearing a princess dress, and in this case I would advise you to wear a hand-tied or over-arm bouquet. Keep in mind the fact that you can always pick a not-compact bouquet, one that has some rebel flowers in it, that can really add some movement, without adding extra weight to your outfit. In case you’re wearing an A-line or empire dress, then an oversized bouquet or a shower type will be easier to integrate in the outfit.




When you’re considering the color of your bouquet, things are getting a bit easier. My advice is to always choose your favorite color! Don’t think about superstitions, just choose what you like! If you can’t decide on the specific shade, return to the jewelry comparison – it always works.


When it comes to the composition, follow your instincts and preferences. And, yes, pick your favorite flower. If you like all flowers and cannot decide on a particular one, tell that to your florist, he should know how to create something that will please you. And, a very important detail: don’t forget to mention all those flowers you don’t like.




One last piece of advice – take into account your own height when you are thinking about the bouquet. If you’re tiny, the bouquet should be small. In the end, you should be wearing it and you shouldn’t need help to carry it around. And if you’re tall, go all the way – even an oversized bouquet will look good on you! Besides this, think about who you are, about your personality and what defines you.



In conclusion, the most important thing to know is that rules are made to be broken and that, in the end, you should always just choose what you like!


I’m wishing you the wedding of your dreams!

With love and passion,



Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori

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Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
Purple flowers • Pamantul rade prin flori
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